Positions on local issues:


1. Taxes.  Taxation is government extortion.  While some taxes are required to provide vital services, like police and fire departments, we CANNOT tax ourselves into prosperity.  We must be wise in our spending, without being penny wise and pound foolish.  We need to not only NOT raise taxes, all taxes with sunset provisions need to be allowed to sunset, and as we cut the fat out of the budget taxes, particularly property taxes need to be reduced.

2. Economy.  The biggest hindrance to the economy is government interference.  Let’s get the government out of the way and let businesses, both small and large, begin and thrive.  This dovetails with my position on taxes. This leads to employment opportunity, and growing economies show drops in crime.

3.  We need to fix the school to prison pipeline.  We need to do this by allowing greater opportunity by increasing the economy and ending policies that put people in jail and prison for victim-less crimes.  We need to end government practices that ruin peoples future for victim-less “crimes”.

4. End the current unconstitutional and unfair practices of the city administrative court.  Understanding that some functionality must be maintained, we can not be arresting people and taking them to jail as a result of not mowing their lawns and other similar issues.

5. The smallest minority is the individual.  I stand for all individuals regardless of race, religion, gender, or orientation.  Having said that we must strive to end all government policies that enforce current practices that result in institutional discrimination, whether those results are intentional or unintended consequences.

6.  We must start thinking outside the box on our budget issues.  Not just accepting private funding, but looking for innovative ways to encourage it.  Finding new and different ways to cut costs in all departments.

7.  We must also think outside the box when looking at ways to repair, maintain, and improve our infrastructure.  This has to be done WITHOUT burdening our residents with ever increasing taxes.