Positions On National Issues:

1.  Not just ending the war on drugs, but decriminalization.  It is not the government’s job to legislate morality.  The war on drugs has proven to be a failure, just like the prohibition of alcohol before it.  The government has spent well over 1 trillion dollars on this failed war and has not changed the rate of addiction even ½ of 1 percent.  This war has dramatically affected our community for the worse, and cause the imprisonment of large portions of our population.  This imprisonment that costs us well over the amount that treatment of addiction would cost.

2.  I am a firm believer in the 2nd amendment for a variety of reasons.  First being history.  Historically the restriction of arms ownership by the citizenry has always led to oppression of the citizens.  This pattern has repeated throughout history for thousands of years, leading to the deaths of millions.   Hitler, Stalin, Mao recently, back through the middle ages and before.  Secondly the obvious, self-defense, we are constantly bombarded with the victims, but the media rarely covers the number of times firearms are used in self-defense, which is by all accounts far greater.  Not to mention all the other real statistics that support private firearm ownership.

3. We need to completely reform how we are dealing with victim-less “crimes”.  Very simply, if it is ‘victim-less’ it is not a crime.  No one should ever face jail or prison time over such.  This falls in with ending the war on drugs and decriminalization.    Non-violent crimes with victims should focus on restitution.  Why are we paying to take care of someone that already stole money from us as one example.

4.  We need to drastically reform our foreign relations.  Our policies of interventionism and regime change have invariably ended causing more harm than good.  This does not even mention our current policies of bombing multiple countries with no real declaration of war and creating more terrorists rather than solving that problem.  We also need to be interfering less financially; other countries need to be responsible for themselves without our propping them up militarily or monetarily.  I call for the end to payments of any kind, be it cash or materiel, to foreign countries paid for by tax dollars. 

5.  Immigration reform.  I am not a fully open borders with no restrictions person, though close.  I am however for MUCH easier immigration, work permits, and border crossing.  Once we correct our current welfare system I would be willing to look at making it even easier than I think we should now.

6. The federal government has many duplications of service that need to be eliminated.  We have multiple intelligence bodies, multiple law enforcement bodies, and ridiculous numbers of “swat” teams.  Start with consolidation of all these services and elimination of the duplication.  In addition I call for the reduction of ALL federal agencies as much as constitutional executive authority allows.  

7. Eliminate all federal action not constitutionally authorized, as a start.  Yes I am fully aware the federal government takes actions that are constitutionally okay that are still not morally okay, but we have to start somewhere.  Let’s take care of the ones that are already illegal first, then move on.  

8. Economy.  The biggest hindrance to the economy is government interference.  Let’s get the government out of the way and let businesses, both small and large, begin and thrive.  I call for the ending of all corporate and business subsidies, government interference in free markets,



9. Military.  I call for the immediate cessation of all military activity outside our borders.  I call for the closure of all military bases outside our borders.  All troops need to be brought home ASAP. Our military is should be for defense only, and the current distribution of troops around the world is far beyond that mandate, without even getting into our unconstitutional wars, actions, and providing materiel to other countries.

9.  All these things would have a net positive on the budget.  That however is not enough.  Our federal budget is so far out of line that drastic measures will be called for.  I would support any action, including a constitutional amendment that would require a balanced budget and greatly reduced debt cap – both total and yearly.